How To Transfer A Silverleaf Timeshare Ownership

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Published: 10th January 2011
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The first seven Silverleaf timeshare resort properties were opened in 1989 in Texas and Missouri as a privately held company. The company went public in 1997, and that same year opened the Timber Creek and Fox River resorts. Recently, Silverleaf just opened a new resort near Denver, the Pinnacle Lodge- and also opened a huge 19,000 square foot indoor waterpark at the Villages.

Silverleaf grew with an unusual business strategy in the industry, often building many of its resorts in lesser known regional destinations that were located within an easy day's drive to high density urban areas such as St. Louis and Chicago. Silverleaf refers to these resorts as Getaway Resorts. The resorts that are located in popular tourist areas are called Silverleaf Destination Resorts. Due the challenging economy, the demand for drive-to timeshare ownership may continue to increase. Also, the increased blending of the timeshare and RV demographics may further add to this timeshare program's visibility and future marketability.

The Silverleaf Resorts:

Resort- location (primary marketing region)

Silverleaf's Villages - Flint, Texas (Dallas & Ft Worth)

Silverleaf's Seaside - Galveston, Texas (Houston)

Silverleaf's Ozark Mountain - Kimberling City, Missouri (Branson)

Silverleaf's Orlando Breeze - Davenport, Florida (Orlando)

Silverleaf's Oak N' Spruce - South Lee, Massachusetts (Boston & NY)

Silverleaf's Holly Lake Ranch - Holly Lake Ranch, Texas (Dallas & Ft Worth)

Silverleaf's Holiday Hills - Branson, Missouri (Branson)

Silverleaf's Hill Country - Canyon Lake, Texas (San Antonio & Austin)

Silverleaf's Fox River - Sheridan, Illinois (Chicago)

Silverleaf's Apple Mountain - Clarkesville, Georgia (Atlanta)

Silverleaf Timber Creek - Desoto, Missouri (St. Louis)

Silverleaf Piney Shores - Conroe, Texas (Dallas & Ft Worth)

Silverleaf Lake O' The Woods - Flint, Texas (Dallas & Ft Worth)

Silverleaf Pinnacle Lodge - Fraser, CO (Denver)

Other helpful terms and information about the Silverleaf timeshare program:

Endless Escape is a bonus program that is included in most deeds recorded before 2001. It allows an owner to request up to 6 nights based on availability and only within the same season as the deeded ownership.

Bonus Time applies to most ownerships deeded after 2001. Reservations are allowed up to 3 nights based on availability (Sun thru Thurs only) and at a small per night cost for Friday and Saturday. Again, usage is restricted to the same season as the deeded ownership.

Internal Exchange may be made within the same owner resort classification, unit type and color-time schedule, based on availability and ownership criteria. Getaway resort owners may request an exchange at other Getaway resorts while Destination resort owners may request an exchange to both Getaway and Destination resorts.

Some Silverleaf resorts also have onsite campgrounds. Timeshare owners are allowed to use the campground sites free of charge based on reservation and availability, but cannot occupy a campground site at the same time they are using a timeshare villa.

Silverleaf has a history of maintaining pet-friendly policies for timeshare owners, and is often the developer of choice for consumers who routinely travel with small pets. Recently there have been restrictions on these policies that limit usage by outside exhange guests with pets, but owner usage has not been impacted. As a rule of thumb, consumers should always contact the front desk of the resort they are visiting a week prior to travel to ensure they have the most up to date information about pet policies, RV parking, and reservation procedures.

Closing Options for Silverleaf timeshare ownership transfers:

Most transfers are completed by an in-house deeding process done by Silverleaf Owner Services which requires an owner to submit a $250.00 transfer fee and letter of intent to transfer which provides the contact information of both the grantor and the grantee. The assignment form takes approximately 8-10 weeks to be prepared by Silverleaf and is sent out to to all parties names for execution. Silverleaf does not prepare closing statements of any kind, nor do they offer any type of escrow service.

A Third Party closing is performed by an independent attorney or closing agent. Costs can vary widely, so it is wise to request several estimates before choosing a closing company. Silverleaf still requires the $250.00 transfer fee be paid at the time the new deed is submitted to the developer for approval. The closing agent should hold escrow and process the ownership verification and resort notification forms for you. You should always confirm that the closing agent has performed Silverleaf transfers in the past, and when possible ask for references from past clients.


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